I’m Lo, and this is my wardrobe diary.  I live in Los Angeles, work in a super-casual office, and dig minimalist tomboy style.

I use a “capsule wardrobe” approach to dressing, meaning I have a seasonal mini-wardrobe made up of versatile mix-and-matchable pieces.  It’s like smart packing, except for life.  My everyday capsule is aimed at being under 40 pieces, including shoes but not other accessories, workout clothes, PJs, or formal wear.  I’ve been doing it for years now, and I’m still very much figuring it out.  I used to blog over here, where you can dig around in my previous capsules and outfits if you’re so inclined.

I’m also trying to move toward ethical fashion when I shop, and I try to now feature brands that make efforts in sustainability and fair labor practices, which you can check out here.  Any new tips are welcome!