Winter outfits 11-15

January 10, 2018

SOURCES // sweater – Everlane, made responsibly (similar turtleneck) // jeans – Levi’s WaterLess, made with water-saving efforts // cardigan – Zady, made sustainably (similar made responsibly) // loafers – Emerson Fry, old (similar made responsibly) // lipstick in Dare You – Mac

I wore this when I was heading back to work right after New Year’s and needed something that required very little thought and effort.  I love pairing new pieces (like these jeans) with old favorites (like this cropped cashmere sweater), and I’m really happy with how my jean hemming pairs with ankle-baring shoes like these loafers.  I’ve decided to go ahead and include these mauve/blush loafers in my “official” capsule this winter, as well as the tan ones I originally planned on.  They still work as a neutral, but it’s just a little bit of a twist from my norm.  I’m doing double sweater duty here because sometimes you just wanna be cozy.


SOURCES // tee – Everlane, made responsibly // blazer – Steven Alan, made in USA (similar eco-friendly) // pants – Esby Apparel, made in Austin // high tops – Converse // lip crayon (applied very lightly) in Napa Vineyard – Burt’s Bees

I really like this outfit without the jacket, because it has a sweet summery vibe that’s very relaxed, but the weather called for another layer.  It’s a lot of statement for one outfit.  I played around with this jacket a little by unbuttoning the cuffs, pushing up the sleeves, and popping the collar, and I’m digging it.  I love these pants with high tops, so I’ll be repeating that many times over.  It makes them way more laid back, although I’m wondering again if these pants couldn’t use a 1-inch trim….


SOURCES // sweatshirt – Everlane, made responsibly (similar other colors) // jeans – Levi’s WaterLess, made with water-saving efforts and USA denim // shoes – Emerson Fry, old (similar kitten heels made in USA; similar slingback flats made in Italy) // mini purse – Baggu, made in USA // lipstick in Jam – Glossier

I love the crop of these jeans (I cut a bit off) with these shoes.  They’re so low to the ground that while they’re technically kitten heels, they feel like flats, making them really easy to wear.  I recently discovered Margeaux shoes via Victoria, so I’m linking to a similar flat style, too, and imagining they might eventually offer more colors.  I like this sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up much more, but it was cold!  This little bag is getting a bit beat up, and I’m starting to look a fanny pack-type bags, so I can be even more unencumbered.  I love this sleek one, but will be shopping secondhand first!


SOURCES // sweatshirt – Everlane, made responsibly // overalls – Levi’s WaterLess, made with water-saving efforts (similar wash) // sneakers – Veja, eco-friendly // bandana – Only Child, made in USA (similar made in USA) // lipstick in Like – Glossier

I feel like I often forget that I have overalls, but when I remember them, they’re always a nice little injection of something different into my week.  They’re not the most effortless wear, with straps that require adjusting and re-adjusting throughout the day, but I’m still a big fan of the overall look.  It was such a lovely day when I wore this, and I think I nailed dressing for the correct temp!  So far this season, I’ve been adhering to a one-color-element per outfit rule, so while I originally almost grabbed my Star Wars Vans, I thought the bandana was doing enough.


SOURCES // bodysuit – Grana, made responsibly // jeans – Levi’s WaterLess, made with water-saving efforts and USA denim //  cardigan – Zady, made responsibly (similar made responsibly) // sneakers – Veja, eco-friendly // lipstick in Dare You – Mac // mini purse – Baggu, made in USA // necklace – vintage (similar made in USA)

Well, here I am again in the Arclight bathrooms!  My husband and I went to see The Phantom Thread in 70mm.  I’m still not quite sure how I feel about it, or even how the movie wants me to feel about it.  The performances are compelling, the design is impeccable, but a lot of the filmmaking choices were very aggressive, and the tone was a bit unclear.  I wanted to try out my new bodysuit, which I am sure will be more heavily in rotation during spring and summer.  But it works just fine as an under-layer.  I love the high neck with a gold necklace, and the scoop back is very cool.

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