Winter outfits 1-5

December 27, 2017

I’m slipping into my first week of winter outfits pretty easily–it helps that the temperatures dipped down to the 40s and 50s at night, so I was reaching for my warm jackets more often.


SOURCES // tee – Everlane, made responsibly // jeans – Levi’s WaterLess, made with water-saving efforts // sneakers – Veja, eco-friendly // jacket – Deadwood, made with deadstock leather // lipstick in Dare You – Mac

Now that my beloved Ruby Woo lipstick is getting nubby, I wanted to try something new for winter, and landed on Dare You, a brown-red hue that’s recreated on the awesome show Fleabag.  I’m still getting used to it, but for the most part really like it, and it really jazzes up a super simple black and white outfit.  I wore these jeans cuffed a couple times before taking them to get hemmed, because I like a little ankle.  The visible socks here, not so much.  Will try to keep them intentionally showing or totally hidden in the future.


Current/Elliott sherpa jacket

SOURCES // cropped sweater – Everlane, made responsibly (similar) // jacket- Current/Eliott, secondhand (similar made in Great Britain, similar lifetime warranty) // jeans – Levi’s (similar vintage) // boots – Loeffler Randall (similar made responsibly) // mini purse – Baggu, made in USA // sunnies – Ray-Ban // lipstick in Jam – Glossier 

This outfit formula is one I’m definitely repeating from seasons past, and I’m not sorry about it.  I love the tonal quality of the camels with white and brown.  I’m really interested in finding simple formulas this season that I don’t have to think about too much, and this feels like an easy uniform, minimal and cozy.


SOURCES // sweatshirt – Everlane, made responsibly (similar) // pants – Esby Apparel, made in Austin //  boots – Loeffler Randall (similar made responsibly) // mini purse – Baggu, made in USA // necklace – vintage (similar made in USA) 

Because I really liked this pant length with ankle-covering shoes on my trip to Paris, I’m holding off on hemming them for now (they look a little stumpy with low, flat footwear).  I’m sad that Everlane doesn’t make this thinner French Terry sweatshirt anymore, because it tucks so nicely into high-waisted pants.  When I got home this night and ran a walking errand, I threw my sherpa jacket on, and felt very cool and 70s.  It’s a look that’s both pulled together and relaxed.


SOURCES // sweatshirt – Everlane, made responsibly // pants – Elizabeth Suzann, made in Nasheville (other colors/fabric) // socks – Pact, organic cotton // jacket- Current/Eliott, secondhand (similar made in Great Britain, similar lifetime warranty) //  sneakers – Veja, eco-friendly // lipstick in Like – Glossier // necklace – vintage (similar made in USA) 

Yep, that’s a dog bed behind me, available to the many cute pups that visit my office with clients.  I found another tonal look with this jacket, and I’m digging how the light colors all layer together.  I put a call out on Instagram recently for ethical sock suggestions and several people recommended Pact.  They’re not as thick as I’d like, but they’re not too tight on my ankles, they’re a cute height for booties and sneakers, and they’re affordable (especially when buying in a multipack).  I got a 3-pack of crew socks with stripes in various colors, and luckily they’re pretty low-key, so they kind of work as a neutral.  I’ve come to LOVE full-tucking sweaters and sweatshirts into my Clyde pants (and other voluminous pants–see above), and I feel like this may be a new sort of “uniform” for me.


SOURCES // shirt – Gap, old (similar made in USA) // jeans – Levi’s WaterLess, made with water-saving efforts // combat boots – Doc Martens, made responsibly // lipstick in Like – Glossier 

I’ve had this shirt for so long that my mother bought it for me.  I remember her remarking that she didn’t mind spending a little more on things like this, as long as she knew I would wear it a lot, and I believe that she got her money’s worth.  Now I wonder if it’s a bit too “country” for my style, but it’s so soft that I can seem to part with it.  I’m hoping that the navy also makes it more classic than country.  I originally wore this outfit with my kitten heels before my husband reminded me it was supposed to be on the chilly side, and I made a quick swap for boots.  I liked the fancier shoes, though, so I’m sure I’ll try that again eventually.

These jeans are 98% cotton as opposed to the 99% cotton that my white and blue wedgie jeans are.  The extra percentage of stretch makes a huge difference but they still seem to keep their shape pretty well.  I also got these in my normal size, while I have sized up on the others for a more boyfriend-y fit.

Hope you all have a happy holiday!

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  • Reply TaniaS December 28, 2017 at 11:40 PM

    Great outfits. I’m particularly liking the lighter colours for winter, and that’s saying something cos I’m usually in black!

    • Reply Lo January 2, 2018 at 8:55 AM

      Thanks, Tania! I love keeping some light for balance.

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