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December 18, 2017

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One thing I really struggle with in my shopping break is feeling like I can still be on-trend without buying new stuff every season.  Although the goal is obviously timeless and classic, I still crave current from time to time.  I find myself working harder to stay tuned in to the things that are having a “moment” that are also things I already have–like blazers, kitten heels, and combat boots, and then using those things as the basis of my inspiration for this capsule.  I have a solid foundation of neutral pieces that I’m hoping will mix and match well with my riskier items and lead to a sartorially satisfying season.

I surprised myself by gravitating toward amethyst, but I think I just really fell in love with this Toulouse-Lautrec piece we saw in Paris and I’ve been noticing it everywhere since.  I love how the mauve/purple tone pairs with warm neutrals like camel and rust, and it also looks great with navy, which I knew I wanted to bring back into my capsule this season.

I’ll be sharing my full Winter Capsule Wardrobe on Wednesday, so stay tuned.

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