weekend links

Weekend links

September 15, 2017

I was so moved by the Insecure season 2 finale, but this bothered me so much too!  (minorly spoilery)

I love all these mirror selfies.

Two of my favorite bloggers working on a closet.  <3

You all probably know this already, but Everlane has denim now!  While a pair of black jeans was on my list for winter, I’m going to hold off for now.  The price and ethics are so good, but I’m not 100% crazy about the fits they have, so this is a real exercise in not buying something just because it’s a good deal.  I have to know I’ll love it and wear it a ton.

I think Vetta’s new Minimal Capsule (pictured above) is their best collection yet!  It’s full of beautiful, super versatile pieces, and I couldn’t help snatching up this brilliant sweater that can be worn as a crew-neck, a turtleneck, or a cardigan.  It will be so efficient for travel!

Love this new blog discovery Use Less, especially Signe sharing her Autumn wardrobe.  She has a core all-seasons wardrobe, with just a few pieces rotated in/out seasonally.  It’s an approach that’s really appealing to me!

And if you’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s Spring!  I love Jaime’s flirty wardrobe picks.

This is an enlightening piece on the tangled web of middlemen that many fast fashion companies use to avoid paying a living wage.  It’s clear that “Made in USA” isn’t the end of the conversation, and transparency (about factories, pricing) is more important to me than ever.

Goodwin’s vintage collection from Shopgirl LA is so sweet (and very Friends).

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