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Weekend links

October 27, 2017

Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter on the set of Halloween.

A wonderfully thorough review comparing Grana, Everlane, and Uniqlo cashmere.

Really digging this look.

On navigating trends.  (Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, given all my feelings about having too much stuff).

This is one of my favorite outfit sets from Live Love Sara I’ve ever seen.  I love how she puts together travel capsules full of color and print.

I love Vetta’s real women shoot with their Minimal Capsule.

Last-minute Halloween costumes.

And because we’re getting close to Halloween, here’s a little round-up of my favorite streaming horror movies:


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil – A surprising solid slasher comedy.

Housebound – Also a comedy, playing on horror tropes.

The Invitation – A moody, creepy thriller about a dinner party.

Practical Magic – More rom-com than horror, but this cast is too good, and it’s got major nostalgia value.


Let the Right One In – I recommend reading the book first, but this Swedish version is pretty well done.

Amazon Prime:

Pan’s Labyrinth – Such a fantastical spectacle.

The Witch – A visually stunning, unnerving story of religious oppression.

Green Room – I used to think the white supremacists in this movie were a bit far fetched…

Rentable on Amazon:

A Nightmare on Elm Street – If you like Stranger Things, go to the inspo source.  And watch for Johnny Depp’s hilarious crop top.

Halloween – So simple, so classic, so influential.  Watch this as a double feature with “Scream.”

Rosemary’s Baby – Mia Farrow is so, so good.

Alien – If you’re in a sci-fi mood.  (Need not watch any sequels.)

The Exorcist – Pretty much the scariest.

Scream – For silly teen thrills.

Cabin in the Woods – Clever subversions on the genre.

Get Out – Not the scariest flick, but horrifying on a social level.


The Blair Witch Project – I love this one because it works even if you don’t believe in any of the paranormal elements.  Getting lost in the woods is in itself high stakes.

The Ring – This one holds up as super scary for me.

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    Thank you for the mention! 🙂 May have to check out some of those TV shows!!! 🙂


    • Reply Lo October 30, 2017 at 11:16 AM

      Of course! And Happy Halloween!

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