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Weekend links

January 12, 2018

I’ve been growing my hair out, not totally intentionally.  I’m just really bad at staying on top of hair appointments!  I think next month I’m ready for another big change, and I might bring bangs back.  Loving looks like this (above; source:  a Goop ad that showed up in my Insta feed) and this, that have a little texture and would grow out in a cool shaggy way.

Lee’s 2017 wardrobe reflections are so good.

Did you catch the Golden Globes blackout?  I loved Issa, Elizabeth, Claire, America, Sarah (that haircut!), Christina, and OPRAH (such a beautiful speech).  And this must be the best instagram post from the night.

I loved this response to the Oprah 2020 craze.

This tweet thread gives me hope.

As part of my Retail Recess initiative, I finally got around to posting some items from my Entire Wardrobe clean-out on eBay, so check it out if you’re interested.  I list everything as “Buy It Now” with a fixed price, but I’m open to best offers.

Yes!  My new favorite show and a couple of my old favorite podcast people are combining.  Excited to hear Gilmore Guys‘ Kevin Porter and actor-comic Alice Wetterlund chat about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


I’m behind, but I just started watching Bojack Horseman when I want to throw on something quick.  I loved this little bit from Diane talking about a celebrity with addiction issues.

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