Vetta Oversized Sweater Review

October 4, 2017

I really thought I was done with shopping for a spell, but when Vetta released their minimal capsule, I immediately ordered this brilliant versatile sweater, because I knew I’d be looking for something like that come winter anyway.  It works as a turtleneck, a crewneck, and a cardigan.  It has a perfectly slouchy fit.  And it’s eco-friendly and made in USA.  Win win win win win!  Obviously I’m in love, but read on for more glowing details.

This sweater is available here in gray and black, and is part of a very cool mini-collection that is designed to be worn together in a ton of mix-and-matchable ways.  It costs $159, which isn’t cheap, but seems reasonable to me, given fast fashion knitwear from brands like Aritzia and Topshop can run around the same price point without any of the ethical assurances that Vetta offers.  It’s also super reasonable given that you’re essentially getting 3 sweaters in 1.  I packed it recently on my trip to Asheville (where I experienced some chillier nights), and really got a chance to test out its versatility.


I was actually really surprised how heavy this sweater is.  When I had read that it was 100% cotton, I was expecting it might be sort of lightweight (like Everlane cotton sweaters are), but it’s got a really nice heft.  It’s obviously not quite as warm as wool, but it’ll be such a practical piece for cooler months.  It’s soft and itch-free, the texture of a blanket you’d want to rub between your fingers.  The gray color is very pretty, with a subtle heathered quality.  (This sweater also comes in black).  The knit is nice and tight, but it still feels breathable.  When you hold it up to the sun, you can see light coming through, but only in really tiny holes–it’s not sheer when wearing.  The yarn is organic, and I love that the piece is made in a responsible LA factory that gets 70% of its power from solar!


My size:  Small // My specs:  5’4″ // 130 lbs // B cup

The fit is true to its name–oversized.  A front tuck is totally doable, but probably not a full one with most pants (although I fully intend to test that with my Clydes).  It will look best layered over things rather than under.  The batwing arms make it tricky to wear under jackets–doable, but you’ll have a little bit of bunching.  It has a tunic-y fit when untucked, the hem hitting my mid-thigh.  It has coverage over my butt and would be great to wear with leggings.  I ordered a small, and it’s plenty baggy for my grungy tastes, although it’s worth noting that the sleeves are a bit short on me.  It’s more of a 3/4 sleeve, even though the Vetta product photos make it look like a full length sleeve.  (Also worth noting that I do have fairly long arms for my frame.)


One thing I was curious about was how this sweater would fair in terms of having seams basically made of buttons–would it feel too loose or open?  It’s clear that the design took care to make sure this never feels floppy or drafty.  There are 6 (hidden) buttons holding the turtleneck in place and 8 going top to bottom (and alll the way top to bottom) for opening it up as a cardigan.  And those buttons holes are tight.  I’m confident that they’ll go the distance and won’t get too stretched out over time.  You do have to be careful of the neck buttons when putting the sweater on as a pullover–long hair can get caught in them!



It’s dry-clean only.  Not the most convenient, but I also imagine I can get a lot of wears in between washes, so not a huge deal.  The only other drawback is that it’s not the most comfortable to lean against when you’re wearing the buttons in the back.  For long car rides or plane trips, I’ll probably only wear as a cardigan.


I really can’t wait to style this in a million different ways.  I have come to really love a chunky turtleneck, but often feel silly wearing one when it’s not “cold enough,” so this will take me into spring with ease, because I can just un-button that piece.  I’m most excited to take it traveling with me, because you only need one piece to mix it up a variety of ways!

And this may not seem like a big deal, but I so appreciate that it was sent to me in recycled, reuseable, and recycleable packaging.  Because I shop primarily online, my packaging footprint often bums me out, and it’s so nice to see a company that cares about reducing waste carrying that philosophy into all areas of their business.

Model photos from Vetta.  This is not a sponsored or gifted review.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I’m happy to share!

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  • Reply lisa October 14, 2017 at 3:47 AM

    I wanted to comment because I too got this sweater and the arms are totally short on me as well…5’6 and not abnormally long arms. I wrote Vetta and they seemed surprised…although they obviously did something or used a different sweater on the model which shows the arms essentially at full length…I don’t mind it, but felt deceived by their photos. Scared to death to wear mine (dry clean only) with a little who likes to spit up all over me. Just found your blog have subscribed!

    • Reply Lo October 16, 2017 at 10:14 AM

      So it’s not just me! I think it must be angles and slouchy-ness? Sometimes it slides down more on one arm than the other. But I hope it works out for you! I just hand-washed my sweater cold with super gentle soap and laid it flat to dry, and it’s seeming to be hold up okay.

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