Retail recess check-in

February 19, 2018
new bangzzzzz

new bangzzzzz

It’s been a few months since I decided to go on a retail recess, so I wanted to check back in and assess how it’s going.  I’ve done pretty well curbing an impulse to shop, especially since I’m already looking ahead to a spring capsule, and I still don’t see a ton of shopping in my future.  I went into winter without buying a single piece, and I’m still obviously going strong with plenty to wear.  It forced me to be a little more creative with my styling, and I’ve gotten more comfortable with dressing in more polished looks this season.

I feel pretty liberated by this, and I’m really glad I did it.  It’s helped me to become more aware of what’s in my closet, and to appreciate it.  And appreciating something is always fun.  In fact, it’s even more fun than shopping.  I also was able to channel my energies into some other goals I set to distract myself.  So how’d I do with the specific goals I set for myself?

Don’t shop (for clothes).

I bought 2 items after deciding to stop shopping:  a black bodysuit and a silk blazer.  I feel okay about both of these, which were heavily weighed and debated–not impulsive purchases by any means.  I chose to buy the bodysuit because it was something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, and because it was included in the Grana no-markup sale, it was an ideal price to try it at.  I chose to buy the blazer because it will complete a suit for me–I already own the navy silk pants, and I’ve long wanted a suit.  (I also know I have some weddings coming up.)  My friend Andrea made the excellent point that sometimes adding a piece to your wardrobe can devalue something you already own, and when I considered this regarding the blazer, I realized it added value to my silk pants, because now they can be worn another way.

Make more inspiration boards.

I got this opportunity during the Winter 10×10, but I also found myself making a mid-season Winter Capsule inspo board.  I would like to keep this going, whenever I feel like it, because I’m obsessed with Pinterest street style, and I find it so much fun, and so satisfying to identify looks that are “me” and also attainable with what I have.

Mend, clean, maintain. 

I haven’t been terribly productive on this front, but I’ve also decided to take it seasonally to make it easier.  For winter, I had my black jeans hemmed and I took the time to occasionally hand wash my sweaters, using this gentle soap.  I also put my Zady sweater in the freezer for a night to prevent shedding.  Come spring, I will have these tasks in mind:  treat my Birks, hem my Lucia pants, and let out the hem in my linen jumpsuit.

Compile a visual list of my Entire Wardrobe.

Check!  I’m so glad I did this.  It was really helpful in finding the gaps of what I actually need (and don’t need).  And now I can look back at it to remind myself anytime I want.

Sell and donate things I don’t need.

I managed to get a handful of things listed for sale here, and even had a few already sell.  I may call it a day soon and just donate them somewhere.

Practice some beauty stuff.

This has actually been kind of fun!  I’ve started doing “skincare Sundays” with my husband, who always has FOMO when he sees me using potions.  We usually do a mask or peel, and recently made a mask out of fresh aloe vera to reduce redness and inflammation, which I loved.  I tried some new red lipsticks, managed to push through my phobia of eyelash curlers, and I got a haircut with some fun new bangs that will require a little more attention now.

Is my retail recess over now?  I would say officially, with the end of winter, yes.  But I’d like to take these goals and attitudes forward with me, and really focus on true needs when shopping, seasonally.  For spring, I’m going to be looking for some light wash kick flare or vintage fit jeans, a sleek leather fanny pack, and nothing else.  I’m also hoping to break my online shopping habit and get my butt back into physical stores.  But more on that next week.  😉

Many of you pep-talked me through the temptations of shopping, which was wonderful.  Thank you for following along and sharing your support!

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