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Packing list: Paris toiletries

October 31, 2017

As always, one of the biggest challenges to packing in a carry-on is getting toiletries down to 3 oz containers and a quart-sized bag.  While my beauty routine is fairly minimal, there are certain items I can’t get around skipping during travel (deodorant, contact solution, etc.), and to be honest, I want to feel pretty in Paris, knowing that it’s a very fashion-y place.  Specifically, I want some Frenchy scents, great skin, and messy hair.  Not all of my products are “ethical,” but I’ve tried to include some info for those that are.  Here’s what I ended up with:

Paris packing list:  Toiletries


Jojoba oil – S.W. Basics (2 oz) – I recently switched it up from using this heavier S.W. Basics facial serum to this lighter jojoba oil.  It’s much more bang for your buck, and seems to do the same multitasking job (oil cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer).  I also like the spray dispenser much more than the dropper.  Made in USA.

100% Plant-Derived Squalane – The Ordinary (1 oz) – This is also a fairly new-to-me oil that I gave a shot because I heard it functioned similarly to Glossier’s supers (which I love, but find expensive for everyday use).  It helps my skin retain moisture really well.

Coconut balm dot com – Glossier (.5 oz) – This is just a solid balm option for dry lips and skin like mine, especially helpful for moisturizing during a long flight.  Made in USA.

Forêt fragrance – OLO (.3 oz) – I don’t wear perfume daily, but I now it’s big in Europe, so…”when in Rome!”  I love this scent for cold weather, it has a lovely French name, and it comes in a conveniently tiny roll-on bottle.  Bottled to order.

Zinc oxide sunscreen – Badger (2.9 oz) – I take sunscreen very seriously, since I’m fair and I don’t do much else for my skin.  Despite being mineral sunscreen, this actually rubs in okay.  It’s one of the few natural brands that checks the box of being both travel size and affordable, and I love that it smells like lavender.  Another favorite I have is this Coola sunscreen, but it’s a bit more drying (and pricer).  Organic, biodegradable.


High Impact mascara – Clinique (.3 oz) – I’m not in love with this mascara, but it does the trick and came in a free sample my mom gave me.  And hey, it has a French brand name!

Generation G lipstick – Glossier (.07oz) – Lipstick is the quickest, easiest way for me to feel put together, and I love that these are super slim and offer build-able color for a spectrum of subtle to dramatic looks.  Made in USA.

Boy brow – Glossier (.11 oz) – My favorite product ever for enhancing my favorite feature, so it comes with me everywhere.  It’s also build-able, so I can layer it on and go without a brow pencil if I want a more drama.  Made in USA.

Serum foundation – The Ordinary (1 oz) – I’m not really a foundation person, but this brand is pretty famous for their low-priced foundations, so I thought I’d give it a try.  The French girl look is all about clear, even skin, after all.  This version has very light coverage and offers extra moisture and SPF, so it’s easy for someone averse to cakey makeup like me to get on board with.

Gel eyeliner – L’Oreal Paris (.08 oz) – This little pot of super black eyeliner takes some patience and practice to apply by brush, but it does a great job of staying put once you get it down.  I reserve this for “dress up” nights.

Toothpaste – Marvis (1.3 oz) – The best, prettiest little travel size toothpaste out there.  I bought this gift pack last year, which ended up being a good deal, and it makes traveling seem that much more luxurious.


Floss – Cocofloss (<–referral link for $3 off first order) – I am obsessed with this floss, which I read about on Victoria’s blog.  It’s more “scrubby” than typical waxed floss, and takes some getting used to, but my teeth have never felt cleaner, and it’s so satisfying to use.  I like the “delicious mint” flavor.  The company was started by two sisters and the floss is sustainably packaged.

Rosemary & orange shampoo bar – Three Sisters Apothecary (1.75 oz) – I’ve never tried a shampoo bar before, but I’ve always wanted to.  I don’t wash my hair often, and we’ll be staying in an AirBnb where I expect some products will be available, so I’m bringing this just in case I need it.  It can double as body soap, and doesn’t have to be in my quart liquid bag, but it’s a great small size for traveling.  It smells lovely.  Handcrafted in small batches in Sonoma by minority women.

Brush – Tangle Teezer – Nothing fancy, but it’s fairly compact and great for detangling wet hair.

Badlands dry shampoo paste – R + Co. (2.2 oz) – This is the first time I’m traveling for more than a couple days without an aerosol dry shampoo option.  I normally pack one tiny can and a back-up powder option in case TSA takes my can away, and this time I just decided to forego that risk/cost altogether.  (Buying aerosol dry shampoo in travel size is so expensive!)  While this paste version is not my favorite (it takes real styling know-how that I don’t have), I’ll try to make it work.  Worst case scenario, I can hunt down some Klorane in Paris.


Laundry soap packets – Woolite (.25 oz/packet) – I’ll bring a couple of these along, since we’re expecting our apartment to have a washer and dryer.

Contact solution – Biotrue (2 oz) – This is such a boring item but a necessity for me, and it takes up a lot of relative real estate in my bag, so I usually pack this first.

Lavender sleep balm – Badger (.75 oz) – I like using this when trying to sleep on the plane, and also trying to get used to a new time zone once there.  Organic, natural.

Deodorant cream – Little Seed Farm (2.4 oz) – Even if you’re not planning a trip, I encourage you to check out this deodorant.  I’ve tried a LOT of aluminum-free deodorants, and this is by far the most effective one (Thanks to Elise for the tip!).  Their normal sized pots are TSA-friendly, but if you had a short trip and wanted to preserve as much space as possible, these little sample sizes might work.  This is the only item I wasn’t able to fit in my quart bag, but I had my husband pack it in his, since we share anyway.  (If I were traveling alone, I might kill the hand sanitizer to make room).  Natural and made sustainably in USA.

Lavender hand sanitizer – Dr. Bronner’s (2 oz) – Again, I’m just a sucker for lavender.  I don’t normally carry hand sanitizer with me on a daily basis, but I do appreciate having it when I’m in a lot of airports and crowds.  Organic, fair trade.

What are your travel essentials for longer trips?

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    Cool, let me know how the shampoo bar works out for you. 🙂

    • Reply Lo November 6, 2017 at 2:25 PM

      I will! Such a good idea (that I stole from you) 😉

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