Packing list: Long Holiday Weekend

December 25, 2017

I should start off by saying that this is a packing list in which I essentially combine 2 weekends (Chirstmas + New Year’s Eve), am putting together well before leaving, and will be driving to both locations (Orange County and Palm Springs).  My husband and I will be spending some time with family and friends not-so-far-away, so we have the leeway of loading up a car and not worrying so much about packing light…so this isn’t the best example of packing light, I’ll admit.

We’re expecting temps in the 70s during the day and high 40s at night, so while I have few cozy pieces, it’ll be pretty lovely weather, and we might have occasion to get a little dressy for some holiday parties, so I’m bringing some fancy clothes just in case.

You may notice that smack dab in the middle of my retail recess, there are some new things…so allow me to elaborate really quick.

The Dress:  I bought this before my retail recess was fully on, snatching up a Rouje Gabin dress secondhand.

The Silk Blazer + The Bodysuit:  These were pieces I caved on during the Grana no mark-up sale.  I’m sure I’ll elaborate more on this another time, but in a nutshell, here was my reasoning:  I’d been watching both for a long time.  And my friend Andrea gave me a sage barometer:  Does it de-value anything you already own?  My answer was no with both of these pieces.  In fact, the blazer added value to something I already owned–my silk pants.  Now I can wear the set as a suit!  And I don’t know if either of these pieces will arrive in time for me to take on my trips, but it’s a nice idea right now while I’m writing this.

The Robe:  This is total wishful thinking, at the time I’m making this list.  My husband dropped a hint that he’d like to get me a nice silky robe for Christmas.

Anyway….onto the list!


SHERPA JACKET – Current/Elliott, secondhand (similar made in Great Britain) // This is my coziest jacket, and it’s always nice to have something comfort-blanket-y when away from home.  It’s super bulky, so not sure if it’ll actually fit in my bag, but that’s the benefit of driving!

CARDIGAN/TURTLENECK – Vetta, made sustainably in LA // This is unfortunately sold out, but if they ever re-stock it, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  It works as a cardigan, crew neck, or turtleneck sweater.

WHITE TEE(S) – Everlane, made responsibly // A no-brainer for layering and warmer days.

STRIPED TEE – Everlane, made responsibly // This is a nice heavyweight material that always feels classic.

SILK BLAZER – Grana, made responsibly // As mentioned, I picked this up to were as a relaxed-glam suit, but I imagine it’d also look great with jeans and a tee.

DRESS – Rouje, secondhand (similar made in USA) // A pretty dress is my weakness and also the thing I rarely actually wear, but I figure with some parties on the horizon, it can’t hurt to bring along in case I’m feeling really festive.  I’ve long had a personal policy of never dressing for significant others, but let’s be honest, my husband would love this.

WEDGIE JEANS – Levi’s WaterLess, made with water-saving efforts // These are my favorite jeans, surprisingly comfortable, so they travel well.

CLYDE PANTS – Elizabeth Suzann, made in USA (other colors/fabric) // These are perfectly comfy for long car rides and big meals.

LEGGINGS – Girlfriend Collective, eco-friendly // Let’s be honest, I will probably bring these (made in Long Beach) because they’re more festive for NYE.

SILK PANTS – Grana, made responsibly // The fabric makes these fancy, but the elastic waist is so forgiving.

PAJAMAS – Eberjey (other colors) // Always nice to have some presentable PJs while traveling.

ROBE – Nordstrom // I’m looking for some sources for ethical (silky) robes if you have any ideas!  I like a really classic vibe like this (solid, piping).

GIFTS – wrapped with Rifle Paper Co. paper // I love Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper, and am making it a sort of tradition to use it when I can’t get away with whatever packing kraft paper I have lying around.  It’s not metallic, waxy, or glittery, which makes it more likely to be recycleable (which always depends on where you live), and it’s so pretty.

BODYSUIT – Grana, responsibly made // I imagine wearing this under my jeans and Clyde pants.

SWIMSUIT – Bikyni, eco-friendly // For hot tub and pool time!

SILK BANDANA – Rebecca Minkoff, old (similar made in USA) // I debated bringing my beloved rust bandana, but felt like switching it up to silky pink this time.  A non-traditional holiday shade is always fun.

TOILETRIES – bag by Flight 001 // I’ve been using a lot of skin oils as the climate gets colder and dryer.

CHELSEA BOOTS – Loeffler Randall, old (similar made responsibly) // Jeans + booties always seem like a slam-dunk when I see other people wear it.

SNEAKERS – Veja, eco-friendly // For a more casual vibe.

KITTEN HEELS – Emerson Fry, made in USA (similar made in USA in other colors) // Bringing these in case I feel fancy!

Hope you all are enjoying a nice holiday!  What are your winter travel must-haves?

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