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GUEST POST: A Week of Outfits with Shelbi of Urban Girl’s Closet

November 17, 2017

I’m so excited to have my first ever guest post from Shelbi of Urban Girl’s Closet!  If you missed it, I have a quick interview with Shelbi over here.  Today she’s sharing some tips on how to mix and match casual and professional wear.  Professional clothing is an area where I’m so not an expert, and I love how she manages to put together such chic and effortless looks with only 5 pieces.  I’m obsessed with her plaid blazer and raw hem jeans.

But enough from me!  I’ll let Shelbi take it away now!

How to Mix Casual Clothing Pieces with Professional Pieces with 5 Items of Clothing

I have some friends who have asked me in the past if they should have a separate capsule for work and a separate capsule for their personal life.  My suggestion to them was that they could have two separate capsules, or that they could really simplify things and have one capsule with clothes that can be mixed and matched in their personal and professional lives.  This works well if your work setting isn’t too conservative.  If it’s extremely conservative to the point where you are required to wear a blazer everyday, you are welcome to have two separate capsules.  I have chosen five pieces (not including shoes) to use an example so you can see for yourself how to mix casual pieces with more professional pieces for your capsule wardrobe.  Keep in mind, most of these looks are pretty casual, but some can be worn in a very conservative office setting.

My 5 Outfit Pieces

Sleeveless Shirt | Pencil Skirt | Vintage Plaid Blazer | Lace Blouse | Denim Jeans


Sleeveless Shirt | Black Pencil Skirt | Black Mules | Necklace | Handbag

This outfit is something really simple that I would wear to the office, but not anything I would wear to a meeting.  It’s really simple and classic, and I could see myself wearing something like this even a few years down the road.  I could also mix it up for a casual look by untucking the shirt, adding my Levi’s jean jacket and replacing the mules with a pair of my old adidas. This is actually how I wear the top and skirt a majority of the time.


GUEST POST: A Week of Outfits with Shelbi of Urban Girl's Closet

Lace Blouse | Jeans | Mules | Necklace

Depending on the office, you might be able to wear this outfit at work, or you might be able to wear this strictly for casual Friday.  I would probably wear this outfit for casual Friday, for happy hour with colleagues, or for a casual dinner with friends.  Depending on the time of the year I would probably wear this with either sandals with or without a heel, or a more casual flat.  I more than likely wouldn’t wear this on the weekend during the day, unless I was meeting up with friends for a casual dinner, brunch (maybe), or doing some holiday shopping.


Plaid Blazer | Lace Blouse | Jeans | Mules | Necklace

This blazer tends to make everything look amazing and it is by far my favorite piece this season.  I paired it with jeans because it’s my favorite way to wear it.  Depending on the office setting, you could wear it in a very casual setting or for casual Friday.  Also, it’s great look for happy hour.  Another way I’ve been thinking of wearing it is with a t-shirt, boyfriend jean and sneakers, but haven’t tried the look in front of the mirror yet.  I’ve just been visualizing it.


How to Mix Casual Clothing Pieces with Professional Pieces with 5 Items of Clothing

Sleeveless Shirt | Denim Jeans | Sandals

This look is something very casual that I might wear to take my son to the park on the weekends, or maybe I might run weekend errands in this.  Again, it’s nothing special, but it’s great for a casual setting.


How to Mix Casual Clothing Pieces with Professional Pieces with 5 Items of Clothing

Plaid Blazer | Lace Blouse | Pencil Skirt | Mules

These pieces are not a look for a power meeting, but it’s definitely a bit more conservative than the other pieces.  However, this isn’t the way I prefer to wear these pieces together, but I wanted to give you a visual of how to mix and match.  I prefer to wear the blazer with jeans or black trousers depending on the setting.


Lace Blouse | Pencil Skirt | Mules

This is something really simple to wear for professional office wear.  More often than not I wear this pencil skirt with sneakers, but for the office, flats and a pretty blouse will always do the trick.


How to Mix Casual Clothing Pieces with Professional Pieces with 5 Items of Clothing

Plaid Blazer | Sleeveless Shirt | Jeans | Mules | Handbag

This outfit is almost identical to look number 3, but I just switched out the blouse for this sleeveless tee.  Again, you could wear it in the same casual setting, but this one is even a tad bit more casual.  This blazer is my go to jacket and I’m looking at finding a black turtleneck to wear with it and boots when the weather finally cools down a bit.  Ultimately, you could wear whatever you wanted to wear with it just as long as the color palette matches.

I was basically able to create seven outfits with only five items of clothing, minus shoes and accessories.  Ultimately, you can see how to mix and match just a few clothing pieces to give you either a professional look, or a casual look.  This is why I love mixing my pieces to have one capsule, rather than having two separate capsules.  It’s okay to have two capsules as well to have professional or casual wear, but personally, I love to have one simple capsule.

Thank you so much, Shelbi!  Check out her free capsule wardrobe guide for help getting started building a minimal wardrobe.

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  • Reply jaana November 21, 2017 at 9:48 AM

    these are such cute looks. and i love that you did a collab. we, in the ethical garment community, should do more of these! <3

    • Reply Lo November 21, 2017 at 10:35 AM

      I know, she’s so good at this! And I totally agree! The community plays such a big role in the ethical fashion realm, so I love collabs.

  • Reply Ashley November 21, 2017 at 2:41 PM

    Love these looks! As someone who works from home, I’m always trying to find ways to dress up my daily at-home wardrobe for when I need to look more put together.

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