Good things: September

September 30, 2017

I wanted to continue my habit from over here of recognizing some good things each month.  And I gotta say…this September the task has seemed really difficult.  I tend to get really bogged down emotionally (and even physically) by following the news, and I know staying informed and active is more important than ever, so this practice of searching out and sharing positive content has become really imperative to my self-care.  So without further ado, here’s some stuff that brought me joy this month…

St. Vincent – “New York” (above)- I’m usually really behind the curve when it comes to music, but I did find this haunting new song from St. Vincent early.  It has such a sweet, sad vibe that still manages to be catchy.  I recently had a yoga teacher play it at just the right moment in the middle of class, and it was so good.  And the technicolor video is transfixing.

Fashion Week diversity – NYFW always means a fresh batch of inspirational photos on my Pinterest feed, and this year I’m excited to see more and more types of girls on the runway (NYT).  The Fashion Spot has a detailed breakdown of stats.  And I mentioned it before in Weekend Links, but this podcast episode with Christian Siriano and Nicolette Mason is worth a listen!

Derek Fisher on DWTS – Lakers fan here, and this just makes me really happy.  So fun to see Cap move his feet like that.  (And wear that sparkly outfit).

The Good Place, Season 2 – I enjoyed this show the first season, but really got on board during the finale, so I was excited for it to come back!  It’s a zany, lighthearted comedy that’s easy to watch but smarter than most things you find on network, and is especially appealing to Kristen Bell fans.  Season 1 is also now on Netflix, if you want to catch up!  (You should definitely start at the beginning).

This photo series from Issa Rae – It’s just so sweet.

New podcast discoveries: 

Queery with Cameron Esposito – Comic Cameron Esposito has been on my radar for a while, especially since this brilliant stand-up set a couple years ago.  She’s had numerous podcasts over the years, but in this one, she has great in-depth conversations with other people in the queer community.  I’m a sucker for a long-form interview (I miss Oprah so much), so I love this format.  This episode with Evan Rachel Wood is a particularly great listen.

Good Christian Fun – Kevin Porter of Gilmore Guys and his friend Caroline Ely playfully discuss Christian pop culture.  It’s neither a faith-bashing nor proselytizing effort, it’s just a funny look at this weird subgenre.  As someone who grew up in the church, I really enjoy it.  Check out this episode on Fireproof.

Happy October, friends!

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