Good Things: January

January 31, 2018

To be honest, most of the month got away from me before I started considering and appreciating Good Things from January. About a week ago, I thought to myself, “What have I even been doing all month?” (I’ve been re-watching Hannibal.) I want to keep this space authentic, so it is a lighter post, because I didn’t really dig in to anything new.

Women’s March 2018 – I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Women’s March this year, because I know it’s hard to stay fired up when many of the issues we’re marching for are deeply troubling, and thus hard on mental health.  But LA turned out in big numbers again, and it was inspiring to see my city still cares, passionately.  I was struck this time by how many young women and girls I saw, and also by the call for intersectionality.  (This sign above was carried by a young teen.)  Inclusivity of trans folks, non-binary folks, LGBTQ people, Muslim people, people of color, and disabled folks in the feminist fight is more important than ever.  Also:  this beautiful poem from Halsey was amazing.  This is the beginning and not the finale.

The return of Tyra to ANTM – I fell in love with this ridiculous show years ago when my first real college friend introduced me to Rich Juzwiak’s hilarious recaps, but I haven’t watched it for many a cycle.  On a whim (and because a fave Instagram follow made the cast), I decided to check it out again, now that Tyra has returned.  And it’s so refreshing.  I LOVE the diversity of age, body type, and race reflected in the cast, and the vibe feels more positive in general than in seasons past.  It still has all the petty drama you’d expect from women living as roommates without any entertainment sources, but I’m here for the self-love empowerment that comes from both the cast and judges.

Drunk History, Season 5 premiere – There’s been a lot of totally warranted buzz about how great Tiffany Haddish is on this episode, but it’s great all-around.  Evan Rachel Wood delivers with the prime lip synch skills we’ve seen from her dubsmash videos.  And I love how many women’s stories this show is telling lately, because that’s an area of history we don’t really get growing up.

Ice dancing – I’ve been loving these videos of incredible talent, especially this spellbinding free skate routine.  (And I also love their understated costumes).


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