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Fall outfits 26-31 + a Paris packing recap

November 21, 2017

I thought I’d share the outfits that I actually ended up wearing in Paris (in case you missed them on my Insta stories) and let you know how my packing list worked out.  A little recap of my packing is down below!


SOURCES // sweater (worn as crewneck) – Vetta, made in LA // coat – H&M, old (similar made from recycled wool) // jeans – Levi’s Waterless, made from USA denim with water-saving efforts // sneakers – Converse // scarf – Nordstrom, old (similar made sustainably)

I wore this outfit my first day out and about in Paris, and I really layered up.  (There’s a tee under that sweater).  I think I may have overdone it, but it’s better to be warm than cold!  I wore my jeans a lot while in Paris, especially when I first got there, so I think they’re really becoming one of those “comfort food” pieces.  I washed and curled my hair, and sprayed it full of dry shampoo the day of my flight, and it took me solidly through my first night and following day looking pretty great, if I say so myself.


SOURCES // tee – Everlane, made responsibly // coat – H&M, old (similar made from recycled wool) // jeans – Levi’s Waterless, made from USA denim with water-saving efforts // sneakers – Converse // bandana – Only Child, made in USA

Here’s me doing very stereotypical “French,” and I love it.  Strolling through Luxembourg Gardens was a highlight for me in Paris, with all the autumnal foliage making it magical.  I matched my scarf to the trees, and it was surprising how much warmth I got from even a small bandana.  I saw a lot of French people (usually men) in Converse high-tops, so I fit in just fine, but these may have actually been one of my packing mistakes…more on that below.  I do like the tiny peak of socks coming out of my sneakers here.


SOURCES // top – H&M Conscious, old (similar made in USA) // sweater (worn as cardigan) – Vetta, made in LA // coat – H&M, old (similar made from recycled wool) // jeans – Levi’s Waterless, made from USA denim with water-saving efforts // boots – Loeffler Randall, old (similar made in Italy) // lipstick in Ruby Woo – Mac

We took a little day trip out to champagne country to visit a couple wineries, so I decided to try to fancy it up.  The weather was miserable–the kind of drizzly that makes it hard to keep your eyes open–but at least it was romantic and pretty.  My ensemble worked out for the most part, huddled under an umbrella whenever we were outside, and any time you’re doing a cellar tour, a warm coat is a must.


SOURCES // sweater (worn as turtleneck) – Vetta, made in LA // coat – H&M, old (similar made from recycled wool) // pants – Esby Apparel, sustainably made // leggings (worn underneath) – Girlfriend Collective, eco-friendly // sneakers – Converse //  lipstick in Ruby Woo – Mac

When I saw this photo I asked my husband if we should take another one where my pant legs weren’t so funky, but he said, “…that’s what they look like.”  It was windy enough that this was their permanent state, lol!  I wore this on a walking tour we did of the “Hidden Gems” of Paris, and loved the soft turtleneck to stay cozy.  Layering my leggings under these pants working out wonderfully, and I’m so glad I brought them.


SOURCES // sweater – Zady, organic and sustainably made // rain jacket –RAINS, responsibly made  // pants – Esby Apparel, sustainably made // leggings (worn underneath) – Girlfriend Collective, eco-friendly // boots – Loeffler Randall, old (similar made in Italy) // lipstick in Jam – Mac

This was the one day I didn’t wear my coat, opting for a rain jacket instead.  We spent the day walking around Paris’s little islands and exploring the Marais neighborhood, and the rain jacket definitely came in handy, with off-and-on showers.  My sweater is super warm, and the jacket over it helped trap heat well.  I was also lucky that these linen pants didn’t seem to pick up sweater fuzz like I was worried they might.  The length of these pants feels really good with ankle boots, so I will probably hold off on the hem job for now.


SOURCES // silk top – Everlane, old (similar made responsibly) //  coat – H&M, old (similar made from recycled wool) // jeans – Levi’s Waterless, made from USA denim with water-saving efforts // boots – Loeffler Randall, old (similar made in Italy)  // bandana – Only Child, made in USA

On our final full day in Paris, we took our leisurely time checking out the Rodin Museum and its lovely sculpture garden.  I was finally brave enough to try an outfit that I might have been afraid would be too cold earlier in the trip, and it worked out totally fine.  This coat, which was an old, cheap, fast-fashion purchase, actually held up really well in the cold, probably because it’s a wool blend.


Here are some other outfits I wore while in Paris (and on the plane).  I wore the dress out to dinner one night and felt pretty bangin, but it was too dark to grab a photo.  The leggings were great for plane rides and our loungey apartment day.


If I were to grade this packing list, I’d give myself a B+.  I felt cool and well prepared in every outfit I wore, and my biggest concern–the cold–was a non-issue.  I didn’t have to think twice about versatility.  We didn’t end up having a working washer/dryer, so if I were to do it over again knowing that, I might throw in a couple more tees, but overall I felt like I had enough.

What worked well: 

Almost everything.  My coat and my raincoat were super practical, great choices.  My Vetta sweater was the best, and I could have probably wore it every day and been sartorially happy.  I even wore it buttons-back on the plane ride home, fully intending to switch it around on the flight, but I forgot to and was totally comfortable.  I loved my pant options.  I didn’t really need my beanie, but my husband was happy to borrow it.

What didn’t work well: 

Converse high tops – I don’t know if my shoes were the best choices, and I’m not sure whether to blame the shoes, or whether it would have been hard on my feet regardless with all the walking we did.  Although I was so convinced my high-tops would be the most comfy option, I ended up getting swollen, tight, and sore in the Achilles area–it felt like classic Sever’s that I got as a kid playing soccer.  Upon return, I wore my Veja sneakers and felt painful rubbing with those too, so I don’t even know if lower sneakers would have been a better replacement, but the high tops seemed to exacerbate it the worst.  (I did find the Chelsea boots to be pretty comfortable for all day walking.  They did rub on my toes, but I threw a couple band-aides on there, and was good to go.)

Zady chunky turtleneck – I was happy to have this sweater for warmth on a rainy day, but if I were to do this trip again, I would probably bring a few extra layering tees instead, and just wear my Vetta sweater more often.  This sweater is giant, so I wore it on the plane ride to Paris, which was cumbersome during my time at LAX, and I was disappointed to find that it shed like crazy.  And my travel tote and leggings were particularly grabby of lint.  So it wasn’t a good look.  I didn’t want to deal with that on the way home, so I made my husband pack it in his bag for our return.  I don’t remember it shedding so much last season, so I’ll have to give it a good haircut and see…

Mini purse – It wasn’t a hardship to have, being so small, but I just didn’t really need it.  I didn’t need to carry a bag at all, with my deep coat pockets.  I used my travel tote for market shopping one day, and it was really helpful to have for snacks on the plane.


As with almost all my trips, as soon as I’m there, I care a lot less about how I look.  I was glad to have some lipstick, mascara, and my face oils, but a few of other little things I brought went by the wayside.  I didn’t manage well with the dry shampoo paste or shampoo bar, so my hair was really mess near the end–but I ended up just throwing it in a bun and feeling fine about it.  It was already a pretty streamlined set of toiletries, so there’s not much I would change.

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  • Reply Jaana November 21, 2017 at 1:19 PM

    Loooove! Those esby pants are a dream. And you look perfectly casual chic all the way around.

    • Reply Lo November 21, 2017 at 3:44 PM

      Thank you! Those pants are so good.

  • Reply Christina November 21, 2017 at 3:07 PM

    Loved this recap and everything you packed…it is so hard to pack for a trip like this! As I mentioned before, we did almost 3 weeks in Europe in the spring all in a carry-on. It was hard to pack since we were going to different climates (Paris, Munich, Coast of Italy and Rome) and found I only wore about half of what I had packed (we also had a washer in 3 of 4 of our airbnbs). As far as your converse goes, you may have had issues either way! I wore a pair of Nike Free’s the entire time and my feet still hurt at the end of each day (my wife wore Sauconys and ended up with a MAJOR blister on the ball of her foot). I think that Vetta sweater is perfect for a trip like this!

    • Reply Lo November 21, 2017 at 3:47 PM

      Oh man, differing climates is hard! And yeah, I’m thinking the walking would have been hard regardless. On previous trips this long I would have either had comfy sandals or more driving, so I never experienced so much walking so concentrated before. Thanks, Christina!

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