Fall outfits 16-20

November 1, 2017

With this batch of outfits, I fell into a lovely color scheme of camel, white, and blue.


SOURCES // tee – Everlane, made responsibly // jeans – J.Crew, old (similar made responsibly) // shoes – Marais USA, made in USA (other colors) // mini purse – Baggu, made in USA // sunnies – Ray-Ban

My husband and I took a stroll through the neighborhood to a favorite bar for our 3rd anniversary, and stopped by this cool fence for a quick pic.  I love throwing on these shoes as an easy way to dress up an otherwise standard outfit, and the occasion felt a little bit special.


SOURCES // top – Grana, made responsibly (in V-neck) // pants – Esby Apparel, made in USA // jacket – Levi’s Waterless, made with water-saving efforts (other wash) // pin – Shana Torok // loafers – Emerson Fry (similar made responsibly) // lipstick in Jam – Glossier

I reached outside of my official fall capsule with this silk camisole, but I’m happy to be getting any wear out of it I can, and it slips into a nice smooth tuck with these pants beautifully.  I wore this out to a night out in Koreatown for drinks and Karaoke with friends.  I think I definitely want to get these pants hemmed a bit, but of course I’m feeling skittish about it…Does anyone know anything about temporary bonding measures to test it out?


SOURCES // top – H&M Conscious, made from sustainable Tencel (similar) // pants – Elizabeth Suzann, made in USA (other colors/fabric) // jacket – Levi’s Waterless, made with water-saving efforts (other wash) // pin – Shana Torok // sneakers – Converse // lipstick in Zip – Glossier

I found myself wanting to wear this chambray top fresh out of the fall 10×10, and I don’t know if I’ve paired it with my Clydes before–at least I haven’t very often.  I also feel like I’ve been neglecting my jean jacket this season, and I love it so much, so I don’t mind repeating a bit here.


SOURCES // shirt – Madewell, old (similar made in USA) // jeans – Levi’s (similar vintage) // loafers – Emerson Fry, old (similar made responsibly) 

Another hot day, because summer is never-ending, apparently!  I wore this outfit to my niece’s 1st birthday party.  I wanted a photo with these flamingo buddies, but my Instagram Husband and I are still working on angles!  these white jeans are starting to get a bit dingy with wear, and the usual laundry tools aren’t doing the trick.  Any good stain-removing tips out there?  It appears to just be dirt as the main culprit.


SOURCES // tee – J.Crew, made in USA (men’s) // pants –Esby Apparel, made in USA // sandals – Birkenstock, eco-friendly // mini purse – Baggu, made in USA // glasses – Warby Parker, old (similar) // lipstick in Ruby Woo – Mac

I had an eye doctor appointment this morning to try daily contacts, so my glasses became a neck-cessory.  It was already about 90 degrees by the time I took this photo, so my hair is especially droopy lol.  Isn’t it funny how hair seems to mimic emotion?  Like when someone is frazzled, their hair shows it?  I’m glad these pants are super breathable on days like this.  I remember feeling my denim wide leg pants were limited to very specific temps when I first got them–but now I’m feeling a lot more freedom with these.  Loving sandals with these pants as well, while I’m still debating whether to hem them.

Any hemming advice?

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  • Reply Krystal November 1, 2017 at 8:25 AM

    If you do decide to hem your pants, I wouldn’t cut the excess – that way you can go back to a longer length by just ripping out the new hem. You might also want to just try them out in a shorter length with some fabric tape to see how it feels!

    I also love the chambray + clydes pairing – it’s perfect!

    • Reply Lo November 1, 2017 at 9:17 AM

      Yeah, that’s a good point. I will make sure to keep the fabric. I’m now second guessing what’s the perfect length! And thank you!

  • Reply Andrea H November 1, 2017 at 8:28 PM

    Have you tried flipping them up once to see how you like them? Or I’d flip them up on the inside and use garment tape to see how you’d like it. If you like it see if a tailor can recreate the original hem?

    Also, you’re a master with that jean jacket, it looks so cute on you, with the sleeves up like that. And… love the black laces in the white Cons.

    • Reply Lo November 2, 2017 at 9:43 AM

      Thanks! I actually wanted to swap out for white laces to switch it up (they came with both colors), but I think I’ve lost them, so I’m glad black is working!

      I’ve tried folding them up somewhat, but the material isn’t quite stiff enough to hold that way for long, so it’s hard to tell… I’m wondering if they just look dumb with those flat loafers.

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