A Classic, Neutral Fall 10×10: Recap

October 23, 2017

This #Fall10x10 challenge may have been my most fun one yet.  I felt comfortable with all the outfits that came out of it, and it was generally a breeze to put together looks.  I stacked my deck with neutrals and took the pressure off myself to find variety, so it was a really stress-free experience.  You can check out my 10 pieces here and details on my outfits here and here.  But here are some final recap thoughts…


My favorite outfits were Looks 4, 6, and 7, but there are a lot of close runners up in there.  I found grabbing an outfit quickly pretty easy, and really only strayed from my original intention the night before once.  I surprised myself by only wearing my chambray shirt once, but I tried it with my ponte pants, and just didn’t feel great in the combo.  I didn’t miss the rest of my closet at all while doing this, and felt like I really got into a groove with some basic outfit formulas.


I feel like I did pretty well with all of my goals:

  • Embrace the spirit of fall while also being practical.  I managed to work in some sweater, boot, and blazer wear, as well as some dark berry lip color, and I still kept it practical, especially given for my cold office temperatures.  Having a dress, a tee, and a super light button-up in the mix created some easy warm-weather options.  A rust-colored bandana also makes me instantly feel “fall.”
  • Create a foolproof light packing list.  I would totally pack this list on a city trip, and repeating pieces would be even more carefree when traveling, because I wouldn’t be around the same people every day.  A perfect comfy plane outfit would be the cardigan, a tee, ponte pants, and slip-on boots.  The dress would be great for going out to dinner.  The jeans and sneakers would be great for stomping around in.  Throw in some PJs, and you’re good to go!  This is going to become a sort of template for my upcoming trip to Paris.
  • Find ways to wear my ponte pants.  I did expand my comfort with wearing these pants, and I came out of the challenge anxious to try them with different pieces in my closet.
  • Find ways to wear my rib knit dress for everyday.  I still am a bit skittish to wear this dress to work, so it might be relegated to weekends for the most part, but I was so happy to have a mini breakthrough in outfit and body confidence with outfit #5.
  • Have a relaxed attitude about accessories.  I’m happy to report I really chilled out about accessories.  I really didn’t think about it too much, and I think my outfits felt more natural as a result.

It’s all in the details.  This is something I pretty much always am reminded of during 10×10 challenges.  I loved discovering a new sleeve roll and that I could full-tuck my oversized sweater.  And a little lipstick goes a long way with me, especially when I’m wearing a lot of neutrals.  It’s easy to feel drab in so much gray, but it’s so nice with a bright lip.

I have enough.  A somewhat unexpected side effect of this challenge was that I really cultivated a real sense of contentment with my wardrobe.  (I noticed this was a goal of many participating in the challenge, so maybe I was especially tuned into that.)  In fact, I even felt a little overwhelmed by the number of clothes that I’ve amassed over the years.  Despite being “on route” to a lean closet via capsule wardrobes over the past few years, I think I’ve been a bit too focused on the curation part of it all.  During the 10×10, I re-evaluated a piece in my fall capsule, a pink hoodie which I hadn’t even worn yet, and decided to return it.  (Thank you, Everlane’s generous 90-day return window!)  I realized that as much as I like it, and as great as it seems to fit with my fall capsule, I don’t need it.  I have so many beautiful clothes that I love, more than enough for now.  I feel like it might be time for a real shopping break.

I’m becoming more interested in a “core wardrobe.”  My interest was first piqued when I saw how Signe organizes her capsules, building off of a year-round, all-neutral core wardrobe.  Experiencing 10 days in neutrals and seeing how easy it was to incorporate spice via accessories (really just a bandana) and lipstick made this concept all the more appealing.

Putting together inspiration photo boards is really fun.  It’s something I want to incorporate more into my posts here, because you get the satisfaction of curating looks without having to go out and buy anything.  Thank you, Pinterest!

I want this space to be more body-positive.  One of my outfits in particular triggered some body insecurity I have, and it got me thinking about how I approach this whole blogging thing.  Since I started taking photos of myself in outfits, and sharing them, critiquing how I look has become a habit and a function of this blog.  I’m going to try to let go of some of that.  While I think it’s okay to assess how clothes look on, I want this place to be one that promotes self-love.

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  • Reply Shelbi October 23, 2017 at 6:00 PM

    Great post Lo. I liked outfits 1, 2,5 & 9, but I did like the top you wore on day 6. Yeah I’ve had issues with body image blogging too, but our niche is so not about that at all and I’m very thankful. Have a good week and stay cool. xo

    • Reply Lo October 24, 2017 at 10:18 AM

      Thanks, Shelbi! I love how positive this blogging community has been, too!

  • Reply Dawn October 24, 2017 at 6:41 AM

    I love the Everlane dress! Can you tell me if you purchased it in your size or if you sized up? I’ve been looking for a slim dress but don’t want anything too tight.

    • Reply Lo October 24, 2017 at 10:20 AM

      Thanks! I actually sort of sized down. I fall somewhere between S and M in most tops, and I’m firmly in M territory on bottom, and I got a S. For reference, I’m 5′ 4″ and 130 lbs. It’s definitely body-con, but not tight.

  • Reply Karin October 26, 2017 at 1:54 PM

    I’m working on the details as well. I’m admittedly not the best at “styling” outfits and I found the 10×10 to help me out with that as well. Also, lipstick is always my go to for sprucing things up a bit. Love that blazer on you!

    • Reply Lo October 26, 2017 at 3:16 PM

      Thanks, Karin! I’m learning to be more comfortable in it, as I’m still in recovery for an aversion to “fancy.” lol Lipstick is almost too easy–it makes such a huge difference for me!

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