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A Classic, Neutral Fall 10×10: Outfits Part I

October 13, 2017

Here’s the first batch of outfits from my #Fall10x10!  We’ve had some warm weather in LA, but I’ve also been battling office AC, so I’ve gotten into layering regardless.  I have a couple outfits here that felt like risks, and a couple that felt totally easy and me, so it’s already turning out to be a well-rounded challenge!


SOURCES // dress – Everlane, responsibly made (on sale!) // sneakers – Veja, eco-friendly // lipstick in Like – Glossier // tote – Everlane, responsibly made // sunnies – Ray-Ban

I started out my Fall 10×10 challenge super minimally, with just this dress and sneakers.  I’ve never worn this dress to work before, and I have to admit, I did feel sort of self-conscious and bare in it.  (I ran to my car for a jacket a few hours into the day.)  But I do like how these pair together.  The rib knit dress is sporty enough that sneakers make a very organic pairing, and it’s a still a nice balance of sexy-casual.  Disheveled hair and big tote also help keep it from feeling too fancy.  I’ve started using this travel tote to carry my laptop to work, and it’s been working out pretty well.  It’s a great size if you have a bunch of stuff to dump into it, but if you don’t it also stays pretty slim.

A note on underthings:  This dress is a nice thick material, but it still skims the body really closely, and the straps aren’t bra-friendly.  I wear thin panties that lay flat like these or these, and I wear these in lieu of a bra.


SOURCES // jacket – Steven Alan, secondhand (similar made in USA) // top – H&M Conscious, made from sustainable Tencel (similar) // jeans – Levi’s WaterLess, made from USA denim with water-saving efforts // sneakers – Veja, eco-friendly // lipstick in Like – Glossier // mini purse – Baggu, made in USA

This blue-on-blue combo became a go-to favorite of mine this past summer, so it’s not surprising that I’m reaching for it again.  This time I tried mixing it up a bit with this check blazer, which can sometimes feel really overwhelming–it’s a lot of graphic print.  I think keeping the rest of the outfit solid and monochrome helps balance it.  The top is quite thin and easy to layer under jackets like this, and the sneakers make it feel more modern, so I’m feeling a real win with this.  It’s certainly nothing revolutionary, but isn’t it so rewarding to find easy outfits?


SOURCES // sweater – Vetta, sustainably made in USA  // ponte pants – Brass Clothing, made responsibly //Veja, eco-friendly // lipstick in Like – Glossier // mini purse – Baggu, made in USA

This outfit may not be the sexiest, but it has a few things going on that I like.  I love this neutral color combo of white, gray, and black that I haven’t done in a while–it’s classic and comforting, and that exactly what I was going for when I picked my pieces for this.  I also love the physical comfort.  I woke up feeling a little bloated and a lot tired, and putting this on felt like I was wearing daytime pajamas.  I don’t usually like long tunic-y shapes, but today it felt nice to not have to worry about any tucking or bunching.  I feel a little dumpy in this silhouette, so I wish I’d worn a red lipstick or something.

I loved these ponte pants right away when I got them, but haven’t found many chances to wear them, so I’m excited to try a couple things during this challenge.  I folded them under at the ankle, a trick I stole from Paige, and it’s like an instant hemming without the hassle or commitment.  The best part of these pants is that they have flattering and practical butt pockets.


SOURCES // tee – Everlane, made responsibly // jeans – Levi’s WaterLess, made from USA denim with water-saving efforts // boots – Loeffler Randall, made responsibly (similar) // tote – Everlane, responsibly made // lipstick in Zip –Glossier // bandana – Only Child, made responsibly

It was a warm enough day that I felt a little silly wearing these boots, but I was anxious to take them for a spin after getting a hole repaired by an excellent neighborhood cobbler I just discovered.  As it turns out, I was actually freezing in the office with the AC pumping.  I’ve been going strong on the bandana trend for a while now, and I’ve recently added this rust beauty to my collection, which is the prettiest modern shade in person.  This outfit feels very easy, very me, and is totally something I’d throw on, challenge or no challenge.


SOURCES // dress – Everlane, responsibly made (on sale!) //  boots – Loeffler Randall, made responsibly (similar) // sweater – Vetta, sustainably made in USA //  lipstick in Jam – Glossier // necklace – vintage (similar made in USA)

So….one of the reasons I’m not super comfortable in dresses is that I’m not super comfortable with my calves.  Even now as a grown woman, I can’t help but hear the echoes of magazines that I read when I was 13, that this dress and these ankle boots aren’t doing me any favors with the way they’re cutting my leg straight across.  I feel stumpy because I know I’m breaking some “rule.”  But.  What if I just disregarded that “rule”?  This challenge is partially an exercise in getting out of my comfort zone–and maybe finding a new comfort zone.  I’d love to be able to feel totally free wearing this dress with these boots.  It’d be an awesome “nice dinner” combo, if I packed these pieces for traveling.  So I decided to try and look at myself through the eyes of a friend–and when I do that, I think I look totally great!  (My awkward arm posing can use some work, but oh well!)

Also, I stole this sleeve-rolling trick from Natalie, and I love it.  Rocking a chunky cardigan over this dress makes me feel a little more work-appropriate and comfy in general.  And I found a way to combat my biggest outfit pet peeve–no pockets or belt loops–by hooking my work badge through one of the button holes in the cardigan.

You can follow along with my final outfits on Instagram next week, and I’ll post again next Friday on the blog with detailed thoughts and links.  Hope you’re enjoying the challenge if you’re participating!

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