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Packing list: Paris toiletries

October 31, 2017

As always, one of the biggest challenges to packing in a carry-on is getting toiletries down to 3 oz containers and a quart-sized bag.  While my beauty routine is fairly minimal, there are certain items I can't get around skipping during travel (deodorant, contact solution, etc.), and to be honest, I want to feel pretty in Paris, knowing that it's a very fashion-y place.  Specifically, I want some Frenchy scents, great skin, and messy hair.  Not all of my products…

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Going to Paris (and I need suggestions!)

October 9, 2017

art from Hôtel Magique

Hello friends!

My husband and I are spending 9 days in Paris next month, and I’d love to hear your suggestions.  What are your “musts” for things to see/do, places to eat (and dishes to order), and what to pack for the fall?  Anything not worth doing?

I’ve never been, (outside of a layover at CDG) and I’m crazy excited.  I’ve been working on my French with Rosetta Stone (which I highly recommend #notsponsored), and researching…

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