2018 Goals

January 15, 2018

I didn’t make any traditional resolutions for the new year, but 2018 will be the year I turn 30, so I’m reflecting a lot on the choices I’d like to make now and in the future–I have a bit of “growing up” to do.  Some of these have already been implemented, so it feels a little less daunting, and I also know it’s important to implement one small change at a time, so as not to get burned out.  Here are some loose goals I have for the year…


Practice yoga 3+ times a week.  This is what my usual practice looks like now, attending classes at Hyperslow, and I’d just like to maintain it.  Furthermore, I’d like to work on breathing exercises that I usually hate because of my constant allergies, like Pranayama.

Cut back on the booze.  The older I get, the less alcohol feels “worth it.”  Between the allergies it exacerbates and the headaches it imparts, I’m not so into it anymore.  But now that The Bachelor is back, wine on a weeknight feels more tempting than ever, and I figure if I can get through the winter with a little bit of restraint, the rest of the year will be easier.

Eat at least a few salads a week.  I hate salad in general, but this study made me re-evaluate my need for leafy greens.  I have a few go-to combos that I can stand, and goat cheese always helps.  Give me your favorite tasty salad recipes!

Find space for a reading habit.  I want to make reading an easy alternative to crashing on the couch in front of the TV, because it always leaves me feeling happy and relaxed.  I just need to give myself permission, even if it’s just for 10, 15, 20 minutes.

Practice phone use discipline.  More and more, I’m cognizant of how our devices are hacking our brains, and our need for constant entertainment is reaching unhealthy levels, at least in my personal smartphone use.  I’m addicted to the point where I involuntarily reach for it, just to feel the physical weight in my hand.  It feels like a relief whenever I’m able to go “off the grid,” but unfortunately my phone has too many uses for me to chuck it altogether–I text as a large part of my communications at work,  I read primarily on the Kindle app, I rely on map apps constantly, and I use it as my sole camera.  But I’d like to get better at leaving my phone in the other room when I’m home spending time with family, keeping it in my bag when I’m out with friends, and I’m also thinking about making my bedroom a phone-free zone, just to cut down on the needless scrolling that happens before bed and first thing in the morning.  I’m looking into an easy-to-use alarm clock!  (Suggestions welcome!)


Separate our food waste.  We recently started keeping a compost bucket on the counter for food waste, after my husband read about how the earth could be running out of soil.  It may not seem like a big deal to toss food in the trash can, but we’re basically throwing a valuable resource into landfills when we do that, and putting organic matter back into the earth is more important than ever.  We’ve been using these biodegradable bags as liners, and toss them in the freezer when they get full or stinky.  Every week or so, we drop them at the compost bin at our nearby Whole Foods.  (If you have a green waste pickup in your city, that works too).  This practice also makes us more conscious of how much food we’re not eating in general, so a secondary goal is to shop smaller when we go to the grocery store–as much of a pain as it is, we’re much better when we shop for only a couple meals at a time.  And for more kitchen sustainability goals, I love these suggestions from Andrea!

Shop secondhand clothing, and shop more in person.  I live in a city that has a lot of great thrift and vintage shopping resources, and my instinct is always to shop online for the convenience of it, but the amount of packaging I amass really bums me out.  When I’m ready to end my retail recess, I’d like to explore some secondhand shops in my neighborhood.


Get the apartment looking good.  I’ve lived in the same apartment in West Hollywood for over 7 years now, and I still wouldn’t say it’s “fully decorated.”  My husband, roommate, and I recently made a couple substantial and minor upgrades, and I’m realizing what a huge difference even small details, like investing in nice coasters and keeping it tidy, make.  The vibe is so much happier.  On my list:  re-stuffing the poof, framing and hanging some art, mounting a bathroom cabinet, and looking into new curtains.  Sustainability in decorating is also a concern to me now more than ever, so hopefully I’ll be sharing more of my home journey with that here on the blog over the coming year.

Find some doctors and stay on top of prescriptions.  I recently had to change insurance plans through work, and I’m already dreading making appointments with new doctors, but I know it’s one of those important “taking care of your future self” things.  I also need to stay on top of my prescriptions, contacts, etc.

Check some boxes on my clothing maintenance to-do list.  I have a few things that need tailoring, cobblering, and dry cleaning, so I want to form a habit of taking care of those needs as they arise.

Do some emergency prep.  Living in California, I know it’s just a matter of time before “the big one,” so I’d like to get us some earthquake kits, if only for a little peace of mind.  These look really snazzy and compact, but wondering if it’s worth the price tag.  Suggestions?

One of my yoga teachers recently talked about how we are focused on a lot of heart opening in our practice, but things don’t open unless they feel safe.  So sometimes, mentally, spiritually, physically, if we want to feel free, we might have to “tighten up” somewhere else.  It really hit home for me, and I’ve been thinking about that as a sort of guideline going into this year.
Do you have any goals or mantras for the new year?  I’ve also been liking “Not gonna take that on” as a mindset for cutting out unnecessary worry.

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  • Reply Cassi January 15, 2018 at 8:07 AM

    I’m right with you with your sustainability goals! I’ve been meaning to start composting our food waste but for some reason it always felt too inconvenient even though i just have to throw it in the green waste. I’m a lazy American through and through! But this year my goal is to put a lot of effort into sustainable living. Happy New Year!

    • Reply Lo January 15, 2018 at 2:00 PM

      A family I used to nanny for collected compost, and I always felt like it was such a pain, but almost as soon as we started, I realized it’s so much easier! I don’t know what my hangup was! I think as long as you have space for it in a freezer, it’s a no-brainer, and you just have to re-train yourself to put it in a different container. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  • Reply Shelbi January 15, 2018 at 9:21 PM

    Great list! There are some things on this list I’ve been trying to do too. Decorating just a little does change up the energy in a room like you won’t believe. I’ve been binge organizing the past few weekends and it’s made such a difference in every room and changes the energy as well.

    • Reply Lo January 16, 2018 at 1:36 PM

      Nice! The feeling of something freshly organized is unbeatable.

  • Reply Mary January 15, 2018 at 9:57 PM

    Ooo I have so much overlap, and also did not make any formal resolutions, ha. The year change must just start putting lists in my brain.

    I recently dusted off my bf’s nutribullet for morning smoothies and it’s been awesome. The last time I tried to get in the smoothie habit I was using a regular blender and I’d consistently make too much (also a pain to clean). Anyway, my friend says you can find them used pretty easily at the goodwill, etc.

    It’s been a quick way to sneak spinach into breakfast – I realized I have no interest in veggies in the winter- just give me all the carbs.

    • Reply Lo January 16, 2018 at 1:37 PM

      Awesome! I love a green monster smoothie–peanut butter and banana totally mask the taste of any spinach.

  • Reply Katie January 16, 2018 at 1:26 PM

    I think the transparency social media and broad internet access has created for us is bringing sustainability to the forefront. I love your sustainable goals! They even make countertop compost bins with lids that keep the smells out!

    • Reply Lo January 16, 2018 at 1:38 PM

      Thanks, Katie! Yeah, it’s been pretty odor free so far.

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